Notes from Eloquent Ruby

I’m in the process of learning Ruby, and per the suggestion of a co-worker and affirmed by the positive reviews on Amazon, I picked up Russ Olsen’s Eloquent Ruby (referral link). Really enjoying it so far.

Even having been through a couple online Ruby introductory exercises (Code School’s try ruby and Codeacademy), I’m learning quite a bit in the early chapters. The “most Ruby developers do things this way…” sort of lessons seem to be extremely valuable. It builds confidence if nothing else :).

I’m posting my notes and such over on github should you be interested.

Verizon Unlimited Data: How to upgrade and keep it (with Verizon rep chat transcript)

With Verizon, the process of transferring an upgrade from a line with unlimited data to a line without unlimited data will indeed let you get a new phone at contract price and keep unlimited data. I’ve seen numerous articles making the case for both sides of the story, and I’ve talked to reps that have also claimed both sides of the story. Pretty frustrating!

I did, however, just complete this process today (11/2/13) with success, purchasing a new LG G2. The transcript from my conversation is posted at the bottom of this post.

Droid-Life sums up the options pretty well:

  1. Do something I like to call the TBAT [pronounce tee-bat] jig either in store or online:
    Transfer upgrade from unlimited data number to other non-unlimited, Buy phone , Activate on non-unlimited line, Transfer to unlimited number.
  2. Buy at full price
  3. Find an awesome Verizon rep to bypass stuff

It’s not a problem. I understand the unlimited data is like GOLD! – Verizon Sales rep

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My Command-line Command Reference

The goal is for this post to be a one stop shop for some of my commonly used/helpful command-line commands. It’s for personal reference, though perhaps you could benefit. List will be updated.

Google Voice and Verizon – Tips and Tricks

Why use Google Voice? Check out this (video) article from Lifehacker here.

Verizon & Google VoiceI’ve been using Google Voice for about a week couple years now, and I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned along the way… things related to using Google Voice with Verizon Wireless. I wanted and hadn’t seen any resources out there regarding the Verizon + Google Voice duo, so I figured I’d put one together. This is a compilation of various things I’ve found on the Google Voice forums and from other sites.

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