I’m currently reading through the book Vi IMproved - Vim and am using this post to share my notes should anyone be interested.

Vi IMproved - Vim


U       - undoes all changes to the line
ctrl+r  - redoes undo

Write/quit with ZZ

Make new & join lines

J       - join the line below with the current line. 
r<enter> - start a newline from that location.

Repeat commands

.       - Repeat the previous command with the '.' key.

‘G’o to line

#G      -   Go to a specific line number. No argument assumes end of line.

Vim macros

q[character]    -   start recording in register [character]
<do some stuff> -   
q               -   q macro
@[character]    -   execute the macro

Turn off search highlighting


Regular expression basics

^   -   beginning of line
$   -   end of line
.   -   any character
\   -   escape character


xp  -   Swap two characters that are side by side


m[char] -   mark location in text
`[char] -   return to the mark

Pipe text into file without leaving Vim

!![command name]    -   executes [command name] and places output in the file
e.g. !!ls           -   puts output of ls into file